Ad200 pro

For any photographers on the go, we know how important it is to have compact and portable lighting gear. The Godox ADPro is the newest portable strobe offering from the brand. The design and construction of the carry bag itself is sturdy, and the componentry fits snugly and securely into the pre-cut foam inserts. Included in the carry bag is the flash unit, the watt bulb, a reflector with protector cap, a Bowens Mount adapter ring, lithium-ion battery pack, charger and power cable.

It also comes with a set of screws and an allen key for fixing the included Bowens Mount adapter ring to the unit. The ADPro comes with many of the same parts, including the flash unit, watt bulb, reflector and protector cap, lithium-ion battery pack, charger and power cable.

For a quick overview of the features of both flash units compared with each other, I made a comparison chart below. Both units also have an inbuilt function which when switched on allows the units to turn off automatically after a set amount of inactive time. On the ADProthe lithium-ion battery gives you approximately full powered flashes compared to the ADPro which has up to full powered flashes.

The recycle time for both the and watt units are lightning fast at just 0. One of the most impressive features that the ADPro has that the ADPro does not, is the added inclusion of the interchangeable mounts for Bowens, Profoto and Elinchrom! Not only are the mounts easy to fit with little room for error, but they also provide versatility for use with other softbox lighting accessories and gear that you may have purchased in the past.

The inclusion of interchangeable mounts does increase the price, bringing it closer to its counterpart the ADProbut the ability to use these different mounts is a big bonus, which makes this price very reasonable.

In terms of mounting these adapters, all you need to do is use the provided tools and follow along with my instruction video below:. Lighting modifiers such as softboxes, barn doors, snoots and beauty dishes are also readily fitted directly to the unit or the attached mount.

ad200 pro

Godox is also releasing their own range of modifiers to fit directly to the unit. However, as a shooter who already uses Godox lights, I have several Bowens mount modifiers so I find myself using the Bowens mount adapter almost every time. The LCD dot matrix control panel, including the on-off button, is located on the side of the ADProwhich is much more user-friendly than the ADProwhere the on-off button is located on the bottom, frustratingly underneath the handle.

The process of adjusting to TTL, Manual, or Multimode is straightforward, and it is easy to customise the settings and play around with different lighting effects — these can all be adjusted using the side control panel on both units. Both are K which is equivalent to outside daylight. The strength of the modelling lamp really helps with focusing in low light situations and seeing what the light will do without having to do test shots.

There are 3. There is also a USB-C port to keep your firmware updated, with new versions released on the official Godox website here. Y ou do however need to use a Windows Computer to update, as it will not work on a Mac. Both units feature a handle for positioning and adjusting while shooting. These handles are also removable, which is ideal if you need to save space while traveling. They both also contain tilt mounting brackets on the base, allowing you to position the light in any way you see fit.

Overall, the ADPro and ADPro are both amazing portable flashes that perform very well in both indoor and outdoor settings. Photographers nowadays need everything to be portable, lightweight and easy to set up and take down, which is exactly what the ADPro provides. Having a battery powered flash not only removes the need for AC Power Outputs and wasting time trying to find the outlets if there even are any availablebut also eliminates the tripping hazard of cables on set. This makes the ADPro a great addition to the Godox range and the perfect add-on to your gear.

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Value 9.There are several signs throughout the web that Godox is preparing the PRO version of the renowned AD pocket flash. These features make them similar to high-end studio strobes like Broncolor and Profoto on a much lower price tag. These have made the PRO line so popular worldwide.

However you should try the round head its review is coming soon here on Godox. Funny, looks less pro then the non-pro. If it had a Bowens mount, you could forget to put this flash in your camera bag. For any other cases there is the Godox S-Type adapter. Any further new on the godox ad pro and its release date?

Godox AD200 Instruction Manual

Did you get any information from your visit to their factory? Hi, is there any update about the AD Pro after your visit of Godox factory? Any possible availability date? What about having the moral backbone to do a Godox ADPro battery recall? Home News Reviews Education Community. Godox Blog. Source of photos: adorama. Using Godox TT for food photography. Beautiful photography and lighting with Godox.

I hope tge modeling lamp for this is much brigter. Please put a bowens mount on this damn thing! Hey Rob, unfortunately there is not any piece of information about that yet.

Will there be Mac ver. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Random photos. Mark Korecz - April 23, In my opinion this is the single most versatile flash on the market, made by any brand of manufacturer; the Godox AD Pro Flash has the professional features to carry it through heavy duty tasks without breaking the bank.

In this Godox AD Pro Flash review, I will explain why you should consider the Godox AD Pro over the non pro: it has a few new tricks and worthwhile improvements up its sleeve for both the amateur and professional photographer alike. In that review, I explained you should typically use a round-head but things have slightly changed with this model—more on that later.

Inside the Godox AD Pro flash is the same style of case as the previous model and it includes two heads, a battery, the flash unit, a flash adaptor for a light stand, etc. Nothing here has really changed with the exception of the adaptor; it now has two bits either side of the tripod screw thread; this prevents the flash from rotating on the stand—it is simple but effective.

Despite being a gadget lover and quite a technically minded person, I am going to try cut down on spec sheet talk; you can read that on the Godox website.

It would have been nice to see Godox improve this in keeping with the Godox V1. That said, I rarely play with the power settings on the back and I tend to use the transmitter on the camera instead.

With the Fresnel head, you will struggle to see a difference in colour temperature between the AD Pro and the Godox V1and they both hold that temperature well. In colour stable mode, you have to dump the power if you are going from high power to low power. Warn your model of this as he or she might not appreciate being blinded. It can be confusing to begin with as you might not be used to having to fire test flashes or test shots.

Where the Godox AD Pro surprised me most is with the fresnel head.

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It also seems to be about a stop more powerful than the round head. That might just be because of how the light is distributed. With an 8 inch softbox though, you can generate a soft fall off and you might be asking yourself if you even need the round head.

I whole heatedly recommend this flash to anyone. You are better off buying the proper tool for the job, if you have to rely on an LED. I also think the round-head is slightly less important on this model.

Where I think the decision is more complicated is actually when compared to the Godox V1. My advice is to get the Godox AD Pro if you shoot a lot in daylight, especially if you do a lot of portraiture.

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ad200 pro

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This website uses cookies to improve your experience.View Cart Checkout. The kit comes with the two heads, lithium battery, charger, and carry case.

The speedlight head outputs the standard look of an on-camera flash that can be modified using an optional softbox, beauty dish, or umbrella. The bare bulb head features a removable flash tube and produces degrees of soft, bright, nearly shadowless light. The head uses optional reflectors that focus the beam angle and give you directional control. The flash runs on a removal, rechargeable lithium battery that will give you up to full power flashes and thousands of lower power flashes.

Multi controls the stroboscopic rate up to 90 times 90 Hz. They will also detect a separately purchased LED head. Firmware updates are obtainable on the Godox website. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Skip to content. Twitter page opens in new window Facebook page opens in new window.

You are here:. Built-In 2. Color temperature is a steady K over the entire power range. AV Panel: Easily readable digital panel displays your adjustments Accessories: Barn Doors, color filters, and diffusers and many other items are available to enhance your AD Pro experience.

Additional information Weight 4. Reviews There are no reviews yet. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Speedlight Flash Head at T0.

Uses Speedlight Head: Auto turn off after 30 minutes. S1 and S2 Optical Slave Modes 2. Lithium, Another ground breaking feature of the AD is a modular interchangeable flash head system, which provides the option of either bare bulb or traditional speedlite fresnel head fixed at 35mm, no zoom.

Godox — Website. I just got one and tried in the church today yes, the priest allows us to use flash. The light is awesome. So I was thinking of getting 2 more for wedding reception. Or I may get a few V II instead.

I want to buy some flashes for wedding photography the canon ex-rt or the AD, but Does the AD have a short flash duration that helps freze movent as the speedlights flashguns? I want to buy the AD, but would it be able to freze the wedding couple with no problem when they are dancing or when there is a lot of movement?.

GODOX AD200 / EVOLV 200 – Cordless TTL Strobe Released

I have heard that a medium strobe does not freze moving subjects as a speedlight because it does not have short flash duration…I hope to hear from you thank you. Yes the AD are IGBT flashes like a speedlite, which means they have very short flash durations at power levels below full power. The lower the power level the faster the flash duration.

So with the extra power they have you will likely be running them at lower power levels than a regular speedlite, and therefore durations should be as short or better.


I will be using the eVOLVs in a commercial shoot over the next few days and decided to test the umbrella mount to see just how durable it is.

Could have sworn I read that and have had it work before.

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Unless I shut the master off. How does one get auto HSS to work? The AD fits in it without and effort. Comparing it with one I bought a few months ago I see that the rubber covering of the metal top jaw of the bracket is slightly different. So you no longer have to chop the top off the rubber covering to get the AD to fit in the bracket. Yes the metal plate is unchanged.

I just got the AD and have had nothing but problems with it. Even the exposure comp. This does NOT seem right to me. Also, when selecting manual power, after the shot, it goes back to TTL. Is the AD on V2. Some people have had to update the firmware in their camera as well to have HSS working.

Unfortunately, it maxes out only about Ws.Flashes are an integral and very important part of photography for many reasons ranging from the simple need for light to fulfilling the art of creativity. A compact, efficient and capable flash strobe is one of the usual desires for a complete gear bag.

ad200 pro

The Godox AD Pro is a TTL Pocket Flash that offers the choice of using either a standard Speedlight head or a bare bulb head to give you the option of two distinctly different qualities of light. The flash runs on a removable, rechargeable lithium battery that will give you up to full-power flashes and thousands of lower power flashes. Firmware updates are offered on the Godox website. Technical Data: Features.

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The top and bottom larger flat sides of this flash are quite simple. On one long side of the flash body, there are 2 release buttons for the head and the battery, a wireless control port, a sync cord jack, and the battery compartment. The front side has the connector for the heads and on the rear, there is the control panel. The photos below show the 2 heads that come with this kit as well as the bare flashbulb and its connectors.

This flash is very easy to set up and use. Once you charge the battery, you push it into the battery compartment and push the power switch.

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The control panel lights up and from there you can adjust the settings to suit your shoot. I am not going to go through a settings tutorial, but I have included a link to the User Manual at the end of this section. You can push the red button to test the flash.

That all sits on a C-stand. The following are some of the photos taken with the AD Pro using the setup above. The Godox AD Pro is an amazing and capable flash strobe, that delivers enough flash power for both indoor and outdoor shoots, and it is light and compact enough to use in-studio and on the road.

While you do have to be careful when handling it, there are options like the dual power twin head mount that allow you to easily double your power when battling outdoor light. There is also an optional flash head extension that allows you to secure that actual flash body to the upright of the stand and just mount the extension head as needed.

ad200 pro

This helps to protect the flash body if your light stand falls. I use heavy-duty but portable C-stands, to minimize this risk and to protect all of my mounted gear.Fulfilment by Amazon FBA is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfilment centres, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

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This proven performer is compatible with and automatically senses Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Pentax, Panasonic, and Olympus systems for remote power control and shooting. You can instantly snap in your personal shooting-style preference flash head, such as the traditional speedlite style Fresnel Head, the exciting Round Head with superior clean light spread, or choose to use to the Barebulb Head with an efficient parabolic reflector. The incredible amount of power and control in these compact and lightweight flashes, make this design the first choice ofprofessional photographers with an eye for flexible multiple light setup.

Lightweight and portable. The greatest power in the most compact form Produces up to ws, as much as 3 times more potent than speedlites in the same footprint 3 Studio quality interchangeable modular flash heads Fresnel, Bare Tube, Round Diffusion Head Built-in 2. Delay Flash: 0. The speedlight head outputs the standard look of an on-camera flash that can be modified using an optional softbox, beauty dish or umbrella.

The bare bulb head features a removable flash tube and produces degrees of soft, bright, nearly shadowless light. The head uses optional reflectors that focus the beam angle and give you directional control. There is a thin protective film on the LED panel, please tear the film off after confirming that there is no problem with products.

Manual outputs the user's choice of power, modeling light, first or second curtain sync, etc. Multi controls the stroboscopic rate up to 90 times 90 Hz.

TTL takes advantage of the flash head's built-in X1 receiver. Skip to main content. In stock. Add to Cart. Secure transaction. Your transaction is secure. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. Learn more. Add gift options.

Godox AD200 Pro Video Manual

Other Sellers on Amazon. Sold by: Amazon US. Image Unavailable. The LCD panel clearly displays the status of all remote strobes, so you always have control of group lighting setup. Shop now. Special offers and product promotions. Listen FREE for 90 days. Learn more here. Frequently bought together.


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